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We are proud to introduce, a very useful online portal for Advocates, especially for the Seniors Advocates and also other busy Advocates in major cities.

Case Details

Details of all the cases with the Advocate can be entered in the “” invariably, immediately on filing of the case in the relevant Appellate authority which may either be an Office or a Court of Law. Later all the subsequent developments taken place such as the dates fixed for hearing; Date of arguments; or Date for production of any documentary evidence etc., in each and every case, time to time, have to be entered in the System. is to minimize the workload on the Advocates in general. With the use of this, no Advocate will miss or loose any case on account of his non appearance to the court on the date of hearing and this will remind you of the date of hearing and the tasks in advance.

Case Reminders is so developed; it gives alerts automatically in advance to the scheduled date fixed by the Appellate authority and reminds you of the matter of the urgency. It can also remind you even before, if you desire so. It also reminds the other person, he may be your Junior Advocate; any related person connected with the case; or may be the client. Thus the burden of the seniors and busy Advocates is relieved so as to enable them to concentrate on some other cases. Otherwise the Advocates would have to refer each and every case file moving physically from his place every time when need arises.

Unfortunately, with any reason, the Advocate fails to appear before the Appellate authority on any date of hearing, there is every possibility of loosing the case and getting exparte orders in the case. The client has to suffer for no fault of his and the Advocate will also get a bad remark. Some times such a neglecting on the part of the Advocate; the poor client will be put in an irreparable loss and damage.

In normal course, the Senior Advocates have to verify each and every case in which immediate action is to be taken with keen observation and assign the cases to the juniors according to their ability and nature of the cases. Besides giving the relevant files, the seniors have to feedback the juniors on certain important points to bear in mind at the time of hearing the cases in the Appellate Court.

There are many advantages with this tool especially to the Advocates who will be having many cases in which they have to take prompt and timely action without any neglecting. This tool can perform the following Tasks:

Please consider these 3 important points:


It stores the entire history of each case separately


It adds on the further developments like case admission details


Keep track of all your notices sent if any to any one, next date of hearing & many more

It is BEST Online portal for Advcates and very useful to most of the Senior and busy Advocates who fight for Justice. This is CASE MANAGEMENT Portal That every ADVOCATE must have it.

Many a times the Senior Advocates will be put to some irksome position when there are more cases to be attended to on a single day at different places. In such a situation the Senior Advocate has to send his juniors to the different places to attend to the cases listed on the particular day, on his behalf and for which he has to send the connected files with suitable instructions well in advance for taking further action what is to be taken. For all such problems, the newly developed tool AdvocateZone is the only right solution.