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What is

‘Advocatezone’ It is a Online Portal for Advocates, very useful to all the Advocates, which contains the case information, its stage and previous improvements in the case. It has a crucial part for all the Advocates to prepare for hearing. To ensure a strong control over all the cases one requires a reliable and viable System. This most effective and efficient Technique is in the “” software, which can track and feed you the required information online and let you not miss any case in any court. It is a also useful for the Seniors Advocates having Junior Advocates and also other busy Advocates in major cities.

How is AdvocateZone different from others?

‘Advocatezone’ is designed with lot of features that make many common tasks much easier to perform, most effective and efficient Technique is in the AdvocateZone tool, which can track and feed you the required information online and let you not miss any case in any court from the time onwards you use this innovative online system. 

How safe is my data in AdvocateZone ?

Your data is absolutely safe. You are now connected to securely through SSL encryption. Any information you enter here will be securely transmitted to our servers. However, you must essentially ensure against access to your computer by unauthorized persons.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is an extra level of security for online consumers. It requires you to log on through a secure server, which prevents hackers from accessing your information. SSL uses technology known as encryption. This is software that scrambles the data with secret code. You can typically tell your data has been transmitted safely when a small lock icon appears at the bottom of your browser.

we enabled SSL encryption for, all frames of our SSL-secured site are encrypted, as well as any communication between sync devices and servers. Each member of is required to log into the site with SSL encryption enabled, so they can share very sensitive, confidential data through our site.

Can I have a demo of AdvocateZone before buying?

Yes. For Online Demo, Please Signup for Trial Account for the same. You can use the fully-featured AdvocateZone once you login with the details provided by us.

What happens to my records when Login expires?

All your data will remain intact, even after the Login expires to certain period, so you don't need to worry about losing any data while your renewal is being processed.

Can I use the AdvocateZone on more than one computer?

Yes. You can access from anywhere around the world using the given Login Credentials as it is Online. 

What kind of organizations can benefit from ? is an online portal for Advocates that can be used by Advocates, Law Firm, Government Legal Departments or any organization that would to maintain detailed information on cases.

What about the pricing ? How does that work ?

Pricing depends on the Package you choose in the Portal. For more information please contact us our Support Team.

Do you also charge a yearly fee ?

Yes. We do charge a yearly fee its all depends the package you select.

Can I have the further customized according to our requirements ?

Yes. we can further customize the according your individual requirements.