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Details of all the cases with the Advocate can be entered in invariably, immediately on filing of the case in the relevant Appellate authority which may either be an Office or a Court of Law. Later all the subsequent developments taken place such as the dates fixed for hearing; Date of arguments; or Date for production of any documentary evidence etc., in each and every case, time to time, can also be entered online. is so developed; it gives alerts automatically in advance to the scheduled date fixed by the Appellate authority and reminds you of the matter of the urgency. It can also remind you even before, if you desire so, for any reason on the date you wanted to be reminded well in advance. It can also remind the other person, he may be your Junior Advocate; any related person connected with the case; or may be the client. Thus the burden of the seniors and busy Advocates is relieved so as to enable them to concentrate their minds on some other cases with them with the time thus saved.

AdvocateZone is divided into 6 Modules, they are:

Case Details Module

Stores the details of the case under various heads with a facility to select the head of information to be displayed. You can also navigate through various other heads by a click of button. This facilitates easy access to case details.

Case Registry - In the Case Registry, the Advocate has to store the particulars of the Client Information & details on correspondence & Permanent address particulars. He has to store the Case History in detail with documentary evidences with reference to the provision of Law and also to store the details about the Respondents and their Counsel and name of person who referred the case to the Advocate, before filing the Case in the competent Authority.

Case Diary - In the ‘’Case Diary” Page, the Advocate has to enter the Date of hearing of the case, Name of the Court in which the case is filed and place (address) of the Court, as and when he files the case.

Case History - In Case History Page, the Advocate has to take entry of the Case Number and Year of filing the case in the respective fields. In the same way, he has to enter Name of the Court and place of its location in which he has filed the case, by clicking on the relevant fields and selecting the appropriate names.

Archives - In this section, the Advocate has to enter the details of a case i.e., Sl. No., Case Number & Name of the Court together with the details of the parties i.e., Appellants & Respondents and also he has to enter the Result of the case whether it is admitted or dismissed. Further if the case is restored or Appeal filed in the case subsequently, the details are also to be entered in the relevant fields.

Other Details Module

Stores caveats data and reminds you well in advance of its expiry date. Sometimes, it may be essential to file a second caveat after the expiry of the previous one for various reasons. You will never miss such a situation with this feature in place.

Keeps record of all the notices and opinions offered by you, client-wise. You can see the details of opposite party, other references, including the actual notice/opinion.

Caveats - Caveat is an application filed by a legal person in a particular court of civil nature against one or more legal persons, seeking to be heard before passing any ex-parte order against him in any proceedings that may be filed by the said persons against him in that court. In case the other side files any case against you in the civil court, the court shall not grant any ex-parte order but issue you an urgent notice to appear before the court and reply. However, in such case, you shall have to be prepared to file your reply at a very short notice, and be also fully prepared to immediately argue the matter in the court. The caveat is live for 90 days from the date of filing.

Advocate has to enter the Caveat No., Date of filing and Expiry dates ‘Tabs’ in the respective fields. The subject matter of the Caveat reasons for filing with Prayer is to be specified clearly in the respective field. Names; Address particulars with Mobile numbers & Email IDs of both the client and Opponents are to be entered in the relevant fields.

Opinions - Opinions are the advices given by a Lawyer or counsel time-to-time on a case submitted to him for a view on the legal points involved in a case. In this page the Advocate has to enter the details in the respective fields on the Name of Client, his address, Mobile number together with Email ID. He has also to enter the date of Opinion selecting the Month-Date-Year by clicking the respective Tabs. He has also to enter the subject matter and Remarks and click on the New / Save Buttons which ever is proper.

Notices - There are various types of notice, each of which has different results. In general, notice deals with information that a party knows or should have known. In this context notice is an essential element of DUE PROCESS. Notice can also refer to commonly known facts that a court or Administrative Agency may take into evidence.

Office Details Module

Library module enables you to keep track of the most valuable asset of the Advocate, Books and Journals. You can also record the lending thereof. You may also keep track of the subscription details of journals and number of parts received etc, 

Library - The Advocate may be having several Books in his Library on Acts, Law Journals, and Other Books like Supreme Court Cases & A.P. Law Journals etc; Lending Books and Borrowing Books. All the Books have to be entered selecting categoriwise in the profarma appended therein. If any New Books received, they can be entered by clicking the New Button and can be updated by clicking the relevant Button. If need arises, any book can be deleted by clicking the ‘X’ Button & Save Button respectively.

• Staff Details
• Subscriptions
• Accounts

Utilities Module

Has a handy Address book which allows storing the names and addresses, category wise. You may also record notes wherein you may jot down any other particulars such as where and when you interacted and whatever you feel important and essential. 

Includes below options:
• Contacts
• Appointments
• Calendar
• Diary
• Bulk mail
• Greetings

Reminders Module

Reminder every time you enter the package immediately after login procedure. The alerts include the Professional, Personal and other reminder details etc.,

• Professional Reminders
• Personal Reminders
• Other Reminders

Contact Module

• Provide Feedback
• Report a Bug
• About Us
• Logout

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